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Membership Obligations and Rights
  • Meetings are an hour or less and will be held four times a year.


  • Each member, or member team, commits to donating $100 per meeting ($400 annually).


  • If you are unable to commit to $400 per year, you can find a friend and join as a team. Teams of 2-4 women may share a commitment together. Each team has only one vote per meeting.


  • Active members/teams are eligible to nominate a non-profit. To be considered for selection, a nomination form must be complete and submitted no later than one week prior to the event date.


  • At each meeting, members vote to select a non-profit. Only members who are current in their contributions are eligible to vote.


  • Members bring a blank check and write out directly to the selected non-profit. If a member is unable to attend a meeting they may give their signed, blank check to another member to deliver on their behalf or make an online donation, if available.


  • Members not attending the meeting will be notified by their team leader and should plan to get their check to the group or submit an online donation within 3 business days.

Ready to Join the Movement?

Download and complete the appropriate membership form below and email it to:
Membership Form (Individual & Team)

Have a question? Email Us:

How It Works

The Power of 100 is an idea borrowed from similar organizations that have sprung up across the nation. Each quarter, members nominate charitable organizations that work in the Red River Valley area. Members come together for a brief one-hour meeting where three charities are randomly selected. The nominating member makes a brief presentation about the organization and why they deserve to be selected, all members in attendance vote, and each member donates $100 to the selected non-profit. Each event  has the potential to generate $10,000 for a local non-profit!

"If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it."


- Lucy Larcom

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