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Upcoming Events

Join us for our next event!
July 11, 2024 - 5:30 pm

KingPinz Social

3485 Jacks Way S, Fargo, ND 58104

Click here to see Facebook event!

Event registration and social will begin at 5:00 pm. The selection process will begin at 5:30 pm.


At 5:30 pm we will randomly select three charities followed by question and answer periods. Next, we will ask everyone to vote on their charity of choice. Teams will receive one ballot. As executive members count the votes, we have invited our previous selected charity to join us and let us know how our money was used. Once the ballots are counted, we will present the charity and ask everyone to write out their checks to the selected charity. Meeting wrap up 6:30 pm. Feel free to stay to network after the meeting if you would like!


Note: Be sure to turn in your Charity Nomination Form prior to the event and bring your blank check as we'll be collecting them at the event.


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